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Picture of a nature explorers event
Picture of a nature explorers event
Every year our energy education officer delivers electricity workshops to over 3000 pupils.
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Here at Rugeley we find education to be a serious matter and strive to provide schools with educational programmes that greatly benefit their pupils!

Engineering Education Scheme

Rugeley has participated in the Engineering Education Scheme (EES). This national scheme administered by EDT (Engineering Development Trust) is a national problem solving design and development project completed with the support of mentors from industry.

A team of Yr 12 Students are set a real engineering problem within a business activity that requires a solution. Businesses contribute with one or more link engineers to support students during company visits and have regular contact throughout the duration of the project. The following schools have been sponsored by the Station to take part.

2014 Rugeley 6th Form Academy

Project brief: To design and prototype a device for taking accurate readings of lime slurry levels in absorber units. The level reading had to validate the accuracy of the existing installed instrumentation.

2015 JCB Academy

Project brief: To re engineer the existing acid dosing equipment in the cooling water system to achieve;

  • Reduced maintenance and repairs
  • Increased resistance to the operating environment
  • Even dispersal of acid
  • Effective operation in a variable dock level range

Through the course of the 6 month project the students had to work as a team to:-

  • Develop their understanding of the problem through meetings with Station Engineers and a site visit to the Power Station
  • Carry out research
  • Analyse the different design options
  • Design a solution and build a prototype at a residential workshop at the University of Birmingham
  • Complete a formal written report as well as feedback verbally to a panel of assessors through a presentation and exhibit at the Assessment & Celebration Day in April

Photograph below: Rugeley 6th form students Tyler Tombs, James Howe & Benn Mullings (out of shot) with their working prototype.

Tyler Tombs, James Howe & Benn Mullings

Congratulations to the students for their participation in the programme which they complete in addition to their regular A and AS level studies. When asked to evaluate the benefits of taking part in the EES scheme they mentioned the opportunity to develop their team working, report writing and presenting skills, the chance to work with a real client in a new environment and the challenge of working to tight deadlines.

It’s not only the young people that get something out of the scheme – the engineers benefit too. Gareth Rosindale who has worked on four EES projects says of his involvement, “The scheme focuses on a real problem and creates an environment where engineers pass on their knowledge and experience to enthusiastic young people, whom in return can highlight a fresh approach to problem solving through new ideas, alternative thinking and teamwork. Aside from the direct involvement, the scheme also provides the opportunity to network with fellow engineers from the wider engineering industry.”