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Picture of a nature explorers event
Picture of a nature explorers event
Every year our energy education officer delivers electricity workshops to over 3000 pupils.
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Here at Rugeley we find education to be a serious matter and strive to provide schools with educational programmes that greatly benefit their pupils!

Power Station Science Programme

This is an audio visual resource designed for secondary students all about electricity and how it is generated at Rugeley. Filming took place in October 2010 and the resource was launched via a live web-cast in science week in March 2011.

The programme is divided into three parts and is available to view by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.

Part 1

  • Introduction to energy and electricity
  • Key historical figures in the science of electricity
  • A demonstration of how to build a small hand cranked generator

Part 2

  • The science of steam coal and pressure

Part 3

Focuses in on Rugeley Power Station by using two career profiles of workers at the site to help explain the processes involved in:

  • Generating electricity
  • The flue gas desulphurisation unit to reduce air pollution

The webcast was viewed by over 15,000 students in ninety schools across the country and feedback was extremely positive – 97% of teachers said that they were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with the programme and webcast.

Mrs Scott, Twickenham Prep School said, “The pupils found the programme interesting, fun and informative.”

Mrs Colclough, Olnafirth School Shetland, “It was really enjoyable and the children were very excited and motivated, especially with being mentioned and having a question answered.”

For a schematic diagram of a coal-fired power station showing the processes involved in the generation of electricity please click here:-

Infants/Lower Junior Diagram
Upper Primary/ Secondary Diagram

Web Cast

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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