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Photo of HP Turbine Inner Cylinder
Photo of HP Turbine Inner Cylinder
We have 2 main boilers, each one standing almost 70 metres tall
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Rugeley has 2 main turbines, each spins at 3000rpm and must continue to turn even when not on load until cool

Maintenance & Engineering

The Maintenance Department at Rugeley is responsible for the engineering and maintenance issues associated with a 1000MW coal fired power station. The station carries out much work in-house but contracts out for non-core and peak activities. Rugeley still carries out its own turbine overhauls which allows the maintenance team to respond quickly to breakdowns and limits exposure to expensive contracts except for work requiring specialist knowledge and equipment not available in-house.

Being part of a modern company, the engineering skills required need to be wide ranging. We have flexible staff skilled in the traditional engineering and civil trades right through to IT and modern process control technology. Along with all this comes the need for statutory compliance with all current legislation and a high degree of commitment to health and safety.

The department is also responsible for engineering projects from design and costing, through to implementation. Some of this is driven by the need to update plant as spares may no longer be available (Rugeley was designed and commissioned in the late 1960’s)

Maintenance Engineer

In order to keep the plant efficiency high and maintenance costs low, it is necessary to install the latest equipment. In the recent past the HP steam turbines have been upgraded, an alternator stator changed, new improved boiler components installed, new high temperature steam pipes fitted and larger power transformers connected.

In addition to this the original plant chimney stack was dismantled “brick by brick” when it was replaced by the new chimney stack associated with the FGD plant

Looking to the future, the department has taken on apprentices on a four-year Modern Apprenticeship Scheme. They are initially trained in the wider skill areas to give them a good grounding in maintenance. After this they are trained in one of the core skills.

It is hoped that we will continue to employ more apprentices to provide replacement craftspersons for succession planning purposes.

At Rugeley, ‘we have a maintenance team who are committed to their role and are able to respond to any task or situation should the need arise.